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Imme Bruss

You are the real deal, Karen Cooper. It has been a joy, a pleasure and such a treat to dance with you. You charmed not just me with joy and energy pouring out of you in a constant flow/stream. Lots of love from Hamburg!!


Susann Korner

When you dance with Karen, you immediately feel her passion. Full of joy and humour, she takes her students on a journey through the respective routine.  I feel enthusiastic and inspired by her great joy and energy, where I can then move in a flow and discover new things.She is focussed yet relaxed, her instruction is precise and to the point, and she leaved enough room for your own experience. A special kind of magic is created! 


Beate Rysopp

Each Nia session with Karen was truly exceptional. Her vibrant presence and expressive dance moves left an impact on not only me, but all who danced with us. She managed to strike a wonderful balance between power, sensitivity, and those magical "freedancer moments". Karen's sense of humour and laughter brought immense delight to everyone, and there was even a few tears shed.


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